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snapette's Journal

.samara. --> mp3 blog
this is the music journal of razorwireshrine.

it'll be mostly friends only with occasional public entries. feel free to friend me, though :]

disclaimer: links will stay up for one week only.
the RIAA states that all music downloaded should be removed after previewing for twenty four hours.
if you choose to keep it, that's your choice. i know nothing about it ;]
i'm posting these mp3s just to introduce people to new songs. if you like them, go&buy the cd!
10000 maniacs, a perfect circle, alanis morissette, alisha's attic, allison crowe, amanda ghost, ani difranco, anna nalick, ash, athlete, avril lavigne, azure ray, babyshambles, beck, bell x1, ben gibbard, beth orton, bic runga, bjork, bloc party, blondie, bright eyes, british sea power, carina round, carrie underwood, carter usm, catatonia, charlotte martin, coldplay, copeland, cursive, damien rice, daughter darling, david bowie, death cab for cutie, desaparecidos, dido, eisley, elbow, elliott smith, elvis presley, emiliana torrini, emilie autumn, eva cassidy, evanescence, fiona apple, frank sinatra, franz ferdinand, garbage, gene, girls aloud, gorillaz, hannah fury, heather nova, hilary duff, hole, i am kloot, iain archer, imogen heap, iron & wine, jeff buckley, jewel, josh ritter, joy division, juliana hatfield, kaiser chiefs, kate bush, katie melua, keane, kelly clarkson, kula shaker, kylie minogue, led zeppelin, lily holbrook, lindsay lohan, lisa hannigan, lisa loeb, liz phair, manic street preachers, mansun, maria taylor, mazzy star, michael buble, morrissey, muse, natalie imbruglia, nine inch nails, nirvana, no doubt, norah jones, our lady peace, over the rhine, pedro the lion, pink, pixies, pj harvey, placebo, portishead, pulp, queen adreena, rachael yamagata, radiohead, rasputina, razorlight, rem, rhcp, rilo kiley, sarah fimm, sarah mclachlan, shakira, sheryl crow, sia, sigur rós, silverchair, smashing pumpkins, snow patrol, son ambulance, starsailor, stone sour, string quartet, suede, sufjan stevens, sugababes, texas, the cardigans, the carpenters, the clash, the coral, the corrs, the cranberries, the decemberists, the eels, the faint, the flaming lips, the frames, the hives, the killers, the libertines, the magnetic fields, the smiths, the tears, the verve, the white stripes, theaudience, tom mcrae, tori amos, travis, trembling blue stars, will young, zero 7